Create Your Own Website

Kopage website builder helps bring your website to life, no design or coding experience is required. 

Don't want to Build It Yourself?
No Problem, Let Us Build & Manage Your Website For You

The Easiest Way to Build Your Site

Kopage includes a simple quick start wizard to get you up and running ASAP, 

Drag & Drop Website Builder and Built-in Apps to help you build and manage your website, online shop, and landing pages with ease.

Already got a Kopage website? no problem, just use our Kopage hosting and upload your existing site or we will migrate it for you.

Don't want to build it yourself? Let us built it for you

This website is built with Kopage too!

Point & Click

Easy Editing

Just move your mouse over area you want to update and click to start editing. Website elements are organized into content blocks you can easily drag & drop to new location, easily edit contents and settings like background or spacing.

So Easy Your Grandma Can Do It

The drag and drop editor is simple and intuitive, just point, click and drag. We tested it out on our own grandma, and even she was able to use it :-)
Welcome Wizard
When your website is first set up, you will be asked for a few details, such as email address, website name, and company details - your new website will then use this data to create base subpages that just fit your needs out of the box: a contact page, privacy policy and more!
Point n Click
Most of your website elements are editable. Just move your mouse over the area you want to change and click to start editing. You can text, images, videos, or any of the apps like the Gallery or Shop.
You can also add links, bold text, insert lists, and more.
Drag n Move
Moving content around your website is easy, All your website content is organized into "content blocks", you can add pre-made content blocks to your pages, edit them easily and re-arrange them by dragging and dropping them to new places. You can even create your own custom blocks.

Small Business Owners


 move your mouse over any area you want to edit and click it.   Change texts, links, images and more!
Includes UK cloud hosting for kopage sitebuilder

Agencies & Website Designers


Easily create and manage professional looking websites for your clients with minimum effort.
Affiliate program and reseller discounts are available.


It is completely free to test out kopage using the demo. Give it a try, if you love it, then sign up. 

You Own It

Kopage is the only all-in-one, easy-to-use website builder where you fully own and control your website data. 

Unlike other popular website builders, you are not "locked in". You own your website and can download a complete backup and take it with you.
As standard, we provide fast, uk based cloud hosting for your kopage website, but if you want to host it elsewhere, you can*.
*requires the purchase of a kopage license or hosting with a kopage hosting partner